matching briefs or thongs add on for lingerie subscriptions

The Goddess Project

Additional Briefs For Lingerie Subscriptions (Add-On)

Regular price £12.00
If you are purchasing, or have already purchased, a lingerie subscription, you can receive additional briefs/thongs by buying this add-on. These briefs/thongs will be supplied in the same size and style as requested in your subscription and to match (same brand, style and colour) the sets you are receiving. Please adjust the quantity field on the check out page to select the number of additional briefs/thongs you would like and they will be supplied in your next available subscription box (stock levels permitting). This is a one off purchase and so will not re-occur every month in the same way your subscription does, so if, for example, you would like an extra pair of briefs/thong with every set each month for your six month subscription then you will need to adjust the quantity to 6. The price is £12 per additional brief/thong you would like to receive.