Does (Bra) size matter?

Apart from the headache of spoiling the look of an outfit and giving you bad posture, a badly fitting bra can actually give you a real headache! Infact, both headaches and neck/back pain can be caused by it. If the band size is too big for you, the weight of the bust will be supported by the shoulders, rather than underneath, leading to these issues.

The British School of Osteopathy say that if a bra is too tight it can also put stress on bones and muscles and cause breathing problems. Even skin and circulation problems can be caused by it. Despite all this, more than 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. So how can you fix it? Here is our ultimate guide to common bra fit issues and how to fix them…

  1. Underband: should be horizontal across the back and secure but with enough space to fit two fingers underneath.

Go up a band size if:

Breast tissue under the arms is bulging over the underband.

Go down a band size if:

The breasts are visible beneath the underband;

The underband is riding up the back.

  1. Cups: breasts should be fully enclosed in each cup with a smooth line where the cup ends.

Go up a cup size if:

The breasts are spilling out of the cups either under the arms or at the front.

Go down a cup size if:

The cups wrinkle or gape.

  1. Wires: should sit flat at the breastbone in between the breasts.

Go up a cup size if:

Wires are digging in;

Wires are lifting away from the breastbone.

Go down a cup size if:

Wires are slipping down towards the waist.

  1. Straps: should be able to be dropped and the bra stay in the exact same position. They should be secure but not too tight.

Loosen bra straps if:

They feel tight and make the cups dig into the breasts, creating a 'double bust' effect;

They dig into the shoulders.

Tighten bra straps if:

They slip off the shoulders.


If you want to know how to measure yourself properly for a bra, see our blog post How to measure your bra size - bra size chart.


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