How to buy lingerie for the goddess in your life

Three easy steps to success:-

  1. Ideally, find out her actual size. If you don’t know, and want to surprise, be a bit sneaky about it and check the labels of her favourite set. If you don’t know what the sizes all mean and you’re about to get caught with her smalls in your hands (not ideal), then feel free to send us a quick snap of the size labels at and we will email you back with a few suggestions that will fit and suit her shape.
  2. Choose your favourite. We have carefully curated our collections here at The Goddess Project so you can’t really go wrong. There isn’t anything distasteful or tacky here- not a crotchless panty in sight!
  3. Fear not my friend, if it doesn’t fit her or she doesn’t like it, then she can return it and get a refund/exchange/gift voucher provided it’s returned in its original condition with labels still attached and all its packaging. Just email if you have any problems and we will get back to you in a jiffy.

What are you waiting for! Go forth and prosper ;)



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